Frequently Asked Questions

Cost and Length of Programs: 

Program Length Cost
 Pharmacy Technician  6 months  $6,500
 Community Health Worker/Promotores   6 months  *see note
 Medical Assistant  7 months   $6,500
 Surgical Technologist  18 months  $14,900

* Community Health Worker program lengths and costs vary by cohort.  Please contact our CHW program office for more detailed information: 909-771-2893.

Program fees include books, lab materials, instruction, and clinical/practicum training. Additional costs will be kept to a minimum but there will be a requirement for personal items such as required uniforms and approved footwear. Value added components of all programs include flexible delivery models, college-level courses with transferable units, and support for students as they pursue employment opportunities. 

Are there any program application deadlines?

Application deadlines vary by program and cohort. Additionally, program acceptance is contingent upon enrollment capacity. Wait-lists are generated if applicable.

Can I get more than one certificate?

Yes, the college will work with you to identify your interest and desires in order to make the best use of your time and resources.

Is financial aid available?

Need-based grants are available for accepted students through Loma Linda University. Tax returns and other documentation will be required. 

How do I make payments to San Manuel Gateway College?

Individual payment plans are determined upon enrollment and scheduled across the length of the program.

Can I get an associate’s degree from San Manuel Gateway College?

No, we do not offer associate's degrees at this time.

What college-level classes are offered?

  • Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Religion Courses (1/quarter)
    • Jesus, Health, and  Wholeness
    • Whole Person Care
    • World Religions
    • Ethics