Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certificate program?

It is a program that when completed, you will receive a state or nationally recognized certificate that says you are qualified in the area you have been trained for.

What certificate programs are offered?

  • Medical Assistant – training for working in a clinical setting or a physicians office with front office administrative skills as well as back office patient skills.
  • Nursing Assistant - training in rehab center / skilled nursing facility.
  • Promotores/Community Health Workers - training to promote healthy communities by serving as a liaison between individuals, employees, families, and agencies.  
  • Pharmacy Technician - training to assist licensed pharmacists in providing health care and medications to patients.  

What are requirements for enrollment?

You need to be a high school graduate.  You will have to take a basic English and Math test with placement at the 9th grade level or above.  You will need to pass a background check which is required of all medical field workers before you can receive your certification.

Do I have to be Seventh-day Adventist/from San Bernardino to apply?

No, this school is open to all community members.

How long are the programs at San Manuel Gateway College?

  • Medical Assistant - 9 months
  • Certified Nursing Assistant - 9 months 
  • Promotores/Community Health Workers Basic Training - 6 months 
  • Promotores/Community Health Workers Advanced Training - 6 months
  • Pharmacy Technician - 9 months.  

Can I get more than one certificate?

Yes, but we will work with you in order to identify your interest and desires in order to make the best use of your time and resources.

Do I have to take a standardized test to receive the certificate?

Yes, there will be an industry-recognized certification test that must be passed in order for you to receive your certificate.

How much is tuition at San Manuel Gateway College?

  • Medical Assistant:  $6000
  • Certified Nursing Assistant:  $6000
  • Promotores/Community Health Workers Basic Training: $3700
  • Promotores/Community Health Workers Advanced Training:  Varies based on pathway
  • Pharmacy Technician - $6000

All programs are inclusive of books, lab materials, instruction, and clinical training.  For all programs except the Promotores/Community Health Workers Basic and Advanced Training, three college-level credit transfer courses will be included in tuition.  Additional costs will be kept to a minimum but there will be a requirement for personal items such as required uniforms and approved footwear.

Financial aid?

There will be grants available for eligible students through Loma Linda University and the Work Force Development Board.  These are need based grants and financial need will have to be shown in the form of tax returns and other documentation. 

How do I make payments to San Manuel Gateway College?

We will set up an account with the tuition payments spread out over one calendar year.  

Can I transfer units to another academic institution?

Yes, you will complete a minimum of three college-level classes that will have Loma Linda University standing.

Does SMGC offer on-campus housing to students?


Can I get an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree from San Manuel Gateway College?

No, we do not offer associate's or bachelor's degrees at this time.  

Do I have to declare a major?

No, but you will have to decide which certificate program you will be in.

What college-level classes are offered?

  • Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Jesus, Health, and Healing (Religion course)

Can I take classes here and be enrolled in another academic institution at the same time?


Are there academic counselors on staff?

There will be support services available through our partnerships with San Bernardino Unified School District, Goodwill Southern California, and Loma Linda University.