Training programs are intended to build individual and workforce capacity for community members who strive for community growth and empowerment.

GCHW 010: Community Health Worker (CHW) Basic Training

The GCHW 010 training program introduces students to the philosophy and practice of community health promotion. Students are immersed in a participatory experience whereby they collaborate on topical themes that strengthen participants' leadership for facilitating critical dialogue, as well as to actively involve individuals, employees, families, and agencies in building healthy communities. Topics include: public health fundamentals, popular education, cultural humility, emotional intelligence, leadership, health education, & promotion, and home visitation. Length of Program: 12 weeks; 60 hours of didactic training and 100 hours practical experience. Pre-requisites: 1) admission into Promotores Academy; 2) English and/or Spanish fluency required.

GCHW 020: Clinic-based Community Health Worker (CCHW)

The GCHW 020 specialty training program prepares CHWs to function as members of a clinical care team, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, with a case management approach to patient care. Topics include: organizational culture, HIPPA, basic medical terminology and clinical assessment, home visitation, patient navigation and service/care coordination, motivational interviewing and goal setting. Length of Program: 12 weeks; 90 hours of didactic training and 200 hours practical experience. Pre-requisites: 1) successful completion of CHW 101; 2) high school diploma or equivalent; 3) English fluency required.

GCHW 011: School-based Community Health and Education Worker (CHEW)

The GCHW 011 specialty training program addresses the social determinants that drive health and education. As part of school-based teams, trained CHEWs will provide health and educational outreach and advocacy for the Whole Family (students and parents), and serve as liaisons between the community, resources, and the schools. Topics include: family engagement, navigating educational resources, home visitation and confidentiality and safety issues. Length of Program: 12 weeks: 50 hours of didactic training and 100 hours of on-the-job training in a local school district. Space in this program is limited. Pre-requisites: 1) successful completion of GCHW 020; 2) English fluency required.

Core Competencies

  • Communications skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge: Community, health and services
  • Service coordination
  • Capacity building
  • Community advocacy and outreach skills
  • Adult teaching
  • Organizational skills
  • Cultural competency